Tables, formulas and scripting changed my life. Started with excel and now expanded to online scripting. I can build applications and sheets that will make your life easier. Can I help you out with something? I am always willing to hear out the case. A simple tip? or a custom made application? Don't hesitate to call me out.


Born in '82, job operative since '97, management since '07. Working my way up by adding intelligence to the operation. Core task in my daily professional occupation is financial management, bookkeeping and operations. I apply rules and systematics to save costs and achieve efficiency. Currently employed. Please check out my CV.


Meet up with me for personal excel training. I can teach you the basics or go together to advanceded worksheets. I can show you how to start your own systems to register your hours, bookkeeping, sales, whatever. I can help you to make an impression at your new job or work together to optimize sheets you allready use.


The famous two annual soccer prediction. Started as a printed excel table on the wall, upgraded over the years with formulas, VBA and online results. Now as online application. You are welcome to register.


Database with links of interrest, tools, tips, code, wisdom, random projects, downloads and applications categorized per theme. A special section for the MrVanderBink solutions. Feel free to use or learn from my apps and shares. I am open for tips and requests.

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What I can do for you:

I can help you by sharing my knowledge, creativity and inventivity.
I can build you a sheet or application that will improve your life.
I can manage your financial operation, human resources, automation and supply chain.
I have a wide network of professional connections
and I have a great feeling with several software and processes.
I am your ideal candidate for short custom solutions or long term employment.

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